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Driven Micropile and Bored Micropile System

Kwang Sing Engineering Pte Ltd provides comprehensive in-house micro piling services tailored to meet the challenges of the most challenging sites. Our piling teams are well qualified, skilled and experienced in the various disciplines of both bored and driven micro piling system.

Since driven micropile system was introduced in the early 1990s, it has been used widely as preferred type of foundation in restricted areas inaccessible to conventional piling machines. Its advantages are:

  • compact and small piling machine of 1.6m width and 3.0m length ensures easy manoeuvrability
  • easy and rapid mobilization and setting up of machines
  • clean and tidy operation and minimum disturbances to surrounding and existing structures.
  • competitive and economical pricing
  • low and acceptable vibration and noise

The advantages make the system superior over the conventional piling system.

Driven micropile system

has been widely used in conservation and restoration projects, low rise housing development, addition and alteration to both residential and building development projects and underpinning and strengthening to existing foundation projects.

Bored micropile

is non-displacement pile system formed by drilling small diameter hole ranges from 150mm to 250mm diameter. The hole is then grouted by cement grout after placement of steel reinforcement bars. The grout shall be mixed from OPC cement comply to BS/SS Standard. The grout shall achieve the specified strength in 28 days, typically 30 or 35 N/mm2. Steel reinforcement bars are of 460N/mm2 and are jointed by mechanical coupler. The combined cement grout and high tensile steel reinforcement bars give the structural capacity of pile. Geotechnical capacity of the pile is derived from the frictional resistance between pile and surrounding soil. Bored micropile is a non-vibration piling system suitable to be used in dense and hard ground areas where driven micropile system may not be viable.